Call for Submissions: Collagerie

Collagerie exhibition 2012 at Stew gallery, Norwich, UK. A celebration of collage art and the individual styles of contemporary artists using traditional cut and paste techniques.

Raw. Fun. End. Now. by Max-o-matic

I first featured Max-o-matic in 2008, and I wanted to feature an update to his interview. he has since kept up with collage and has a much larger body of work now. I think they're excellent, and these are selections from a series called Raw. Fun. End. Now. which he exhibited in Lima, Perú in November 2011.

Vital Lordelo

I love how Vital's collages can't possibly be old because of the newness and originality of their composition, but they look aged and worn like historic artifacts. He really places emphasis on this quality, and it's a really special detail.

The Collage Workbook

Most of you are surely familiar with Randel Plowman, who has created a prolific body of work which was helped along by his "a collage a day" blog. He has now published a book with Lark Crafts, which is quite well put together and very inspirational.

The Collage Workbook

"How to get started and stay inspired"

132 pages, Published by Lark Crafts (June 5, 2012), ISBN: 1454701994.

Available from Lark Crafts.
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Becky Howes

I really enjoy Becky's work. She is totally unafraid of colour (though tastefully she usually sticks to one or two) and she has a wonderful range of techniques she puts to use. I love the marbled way she applies (paint?) that almost looked like melted crayons to me. It's fun and she brings life to all the people present in her collages. If you are in Northampton, she is part of an end of degree show that will be on until the 15th of June. Download details here.

Graham Hutchinson

I love the raw feeling of Graham's work, how he assembles many layers and different tones of paper. The colours in his collages are very natural and warm, and the black and white photos of people he integrates into them draw me in.

Peyote Poems by Brandon McLean

"A collection of instinctual paper experiments" by Brandon McLean called Peyote Poems.

Ashkan Honarvar

Ashkan has a very diverse body of work, and I very much recommend that you visit his website to take a look at it all. I had a hard time deciding which series to feature, so I just chose two that resonated with me personally. The first series, Individualism, is one I enjoyed for its use of landscape imagery and portraits simultaneously. In the second series, the void, all images are black and white and he works creatively with the negative space, filling up cutouts with pattern and texture to complete the image.

The End is Near!

Opening Reception on March 26, 4:30 - 6:30pm
March 26 - April 30, 2012
Elizabeth Barrett Art Gallery at Utica College
Utica, NY


Hi everyone, we're back. Today's interview is with someone who shall remain nameless, or rather has chosen the name ▲°. I chose this selection of collages for their lovely, muted colour scheme, and soft on the eyes appeal. And the ones that stand out so starkly--I found it interesting how the work varies in colour choice when collaborating with fellow collage artist Andrei Cojocaru. Makes sense!

Leslie Siegel

Leslie has a lot to say about her work and process, which is okay because she is so interesting! I was especially drawn to her collages using strips of paper. They are subtle and multi-dimensional--she works with very flat, simple layouts, but the textures she includes make everything really jump off the page. I loved reading in her interview about the way she came to work in such a linear way, first with ribbons. Read on!

Daniel Zender

Sorry for the little lapse, Notpaper is based out of Canada again!

First post of the new year is Daniel Zender, whose collages immediately caught my eye. Abstract collages can be a challenge I find, but Daniel seems to see things this way easily. While most of us look to the subject of a photograph, Daniel sees the background and shapes of the negative space... and he creates some wonderfully fluid collages with them.

B. A. Lampman

Collage portraits are always so interesting, it's fun to see how people approach them (and usually seem very complicated to me). These collage drawings by B.A. Lampman are a great combination--I love the ghostly white outlines on patterned paper. They remind me in atmosphere of Teri Donovan's collage paintings, which makes me like them even more.

All That Remains, part II

What a wonderful night! Thanks to Charles Wilkin for curating the exhibit, everyone was wonderfully represented. As frustrating as my night began (it took me 4 hours to get there from Philly because of traffic, then missed the bus back) it was a really great event and I am glad to have gone.

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  • The Collage Workbook

    "How to get started and stay inspired"

    132 pages, Published by Lark Crafts (June 5, 2012), ISBN: 1454701994.

    Available from Lark Crafts.
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  • BOLO Magazine 1

    "Stars Are Indispensible"

    96 pages in 2 colors, black and blue, 17 x 21.5 cm, 45 contributors from all over the world. The main theme is: "Stars are indispensable". It contains a music cd with 19 tracks.

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    Available from WAFA Storefront.

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  • Masters: Collage

    Major Works by Leading Artists

    Curated by Randel Plowman

    This superb new collection offers a stunning look at contemporary collage work from approximately 40 leading artists.

    Available from Lark Books.

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