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I have been planning to post about Franco's work for quite some time now, and finally that day is here... His work has this great experimental quality, and feels playful even though he mostly uses subdued colours (like black and white). He's a graphic designer, who does "secret collage experiments" at home... I'm quite glad he has decided to share them with us instead of keeping them a secret!

Name (Real or Screename): Franco Ferrari aka DR XERO, DOC XERO, Herr Doctor X$$ERO, bla bla bla bla
URL (Blog, Website):,
Location (Where are you from?): Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Q: Describe your work in 10 words or less.
A: Taking colours and forms, composing them in some sort of abstract way, creating a new form.

Q: What do you like to work with (magazines, photographs, vintage)? Be specific!
A: Nowadays I like to work with everything really, from candy wrappers and gift papers to vinyls and golden stuff. Although when I first started illustrating I used mainly vintage magazines, ads or pictures, old style papers, the usual; but now i'm more into papers of all types, I concentrate on the colour and then create a form cutting them up, then I also use images taken from magazines, newspapers, internet, or wherever I can get them.

Q: How long have you been creating collages and what made you start?
A: I guess I'm really "new" to this, I started when I was studying graphic design like 5 years ago. Partly by my fondness of cutting and placing images and also by watching the works of people like David Carson, Eduardo Recife, Thomas Schostok, Dadaism in general too. All that unconsciously took me to where I am now (where am I?).

Q: Are you solely an artist, or do you work in another profession?
A: I also work as a graphic designer, trying to make it my own way while I do my secret experiments with collage at home, hahaha.

Q: Do you have any formal art training?
A: Mmm, not really, apart from studying graphic design, which I can't say helped at all! But I always liked the arts in general so it was just curiosity and of course being gifted ahahahahaha!

Q: Explain your favourite techniques.
A: I mostly use the same basic technique that is: select some powerful images for the image itself or a colour or a form and cut them, then start playing around. I use a lot of basic forms like stripes, triangles or circles so most of the time I also cut those images into those forms. But what I really enjoy doing is make collages with all the pieces that I have left after cutting the ones I thought were interesting in the first place. It happens a lot that I start a composition and then change course to another one just by using the leftovers.

Q: Describe your favourite piece ever created.
A: I really don't have favourites, I always try to create new things, I also try to finish the compositions in a way that I like them and I'm satisfied with, but like hoping there's always something more I can do the next time, change a bit. I guess I'm just waiting for the favourite to come...

Q: What other artists do you admire?
A: As I said I like Eduardo Recife's work, he inspired me a lot. Also THS, my great spanish friends CLESS and Ruben b, John Gall, Ray Johnson, J M Basquiat, my dear friend Emiliano Garcia, la Srta Polyester and a lot more of course. I grow a lot from watching the work of my friends and people I admire, so they are the fuel and my creative source in a way, that together with my every day life sorrounding, experiences, mayan predictions, worldwide financial collapse, ideals and future beliefs, make my ideas happen.

Above: Collaboration with John Gall aka Never Always.

Thanks Franco!

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