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Gerard Lange: Going Further - Notpaper

Gerard Lange: Going Further

When I saw this stunning collage journal, I was a bit in shock, and I've gone back to flip through it a thousand times since. I try not to feature collage journals as much, because I feel that they are usually personal and less refined, but I think I can make an exception for this lovely journal.

It's called Book No. 10, Going Further by artist Gérard Lange.

What Gérard has to say about them:

"These journals function both as records of daily life and as common-place books, containing ideas, information and inspirations. In 1996, I began compiling an image resource file in book form that drew partial inspiration from the collage novels of Max Earnst. A summer spent living abroad in Italy, brought about the use of combined image and text utilizing drawings, photographs gleaned from old textbooks, magazines, ticket stubs and other discarded materials. These books contain elements of life sometimes featuring items of an intellectual nature and at others rather meaningless information such as things to do and grocery lists. As a mode of investigation and place of inspiration, everything I have ever made or will make is rooted in a journal."

Make sure you view this in Full screen mode, too : )

Art Design 3(6)5 - Notpaper

Art Design 3(6)5

I have received so many lovely emails from readers and collagists lately, and let me tell you how wonderful that is! This is how I heard about the blog Art Design 3(6)5, which was created by a designer named Somsara Reilly to commemorate her 35th birthday and to document her year. There have been so many blog a day blogs popping up in the last few years, but each one of them has a uniqueness to them. I love just seeing the progress of a year's steady work! Somsara is over 100 days in, so make sure you steal a look at her blog before her year is over!

Cut & Paste - Notpaper

Cut & Paste

I had better post about this super collage exhibit before it is long over (it starts in a few days)! Cut & Paste is a collage exhibit put together by Edvard Derkert and has many friendly faces as participating artists, people you have read about along the way—and I hope to feature the new ones I've just learned about! If you are in Sweden, you must see this show!

Maria Bajt / Sweden
Liz Cohn / USA
Edvard Derkert / Sweden
Fred Free / USA
Piotr Golonka / Poland
Eva Eun-Sil Han / Belgium
Sophia McInerney / Australia
Randy Mora / Columbia
Sandra Müller / Germany
Mia Mäkilä / Sweden
Eva von Platen / Germany
Vesna Pešić / Serbia
Px(c) / Canada
Kareem Rizk / Australia
Richard Russell / USA
Kate Stehr / Australia
Jan Stenmark / Sweden
Igor Skaletsky / Russia
Christer Themptander / Sweden
Woefoep / Netherlands
Gamze Özer / Turkey

More info on participants and links here...

There was also a little post card competition, sorry if I'm posting about it too late (I didn't even have time to submit my own!) I think this is a great way to integrate everyone into the show, really I like the idea. See all the submitted post cards here.

Sept 17th - Oct 10 2009
Cut & Paste — International Exhibition of Contemporary Collage and Assemblage
Galleri [KG52] Kammakargatan 52
Stockholm, Sweden.

Open: Thursday - Friday 12–17
Saturday 12-16

If you have any questions, you can email:

Looks like there are some great new pieces from these artists and I wish I could go! I hope I can update with photographs later, so we can feel like we were there, haha...

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    I had better post about this super collage exhibit before it is long over (it starts in a few days)! Cut & Paste is a collage exhibit put together by Edvard Derkert and has many friendly faces as participating...
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