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Dolan Geiman - Notpaper

Dolan Geiman

Now here is an example of an artist who can go in so many different directions, and yet we still recognize his work! Dolan has a stylistic consistency I've been attempting for years... And he has some interesting stories to tell along the way as well!

Name (Real or Screename): Dolan Geiman
URL (Blog, Website):,,, &
Location (Where are you from?): Waynesboro, Virginia represent!

Q: Describe your work in 10 words or less.
A: Mixed media artworks with a touch of Southern nostalgia.

Q: What do you like to work with (magazines, photographs, vintage)? Be specific!
A: I only like to work with images from photos I have taken or from old magazines and books I have discovered. Last year I found a handful of old children's drawings and old honky tonk magazines from an abandoned house. These inspired a new line of cowgirl pieces and this piece in particular The Birthday Party (Cowgirl).

Q: How long have you been creating collages and what made you start?
A: I've been doing collage work since high school. I wanted to go out with a girl and in order to impress her, I wanted to have the coolest art poster in the class. She loved it, but ended up going out with, yes, the quarterback of the football team. I know, it's so cliché. Later that year we became good friends and went thrift shopping a lot so that was semi-cool. For some reason when I was in high school, I didn't drink alcohol, and so everyone said I was gay. This, of course, didn't help me in the territory of the ladies. But that's all in the past. What were we talking about again?

Q: Are you solely an artist, or do you work in another profession?
A: I'm an artist 100% of the time, every day and night! It's a full time job.

Q: Do you have any formal art training?
A: I have a background in printmaking and sculpture. Also, my mother is a watercolor artist and extremely talented role model. My father was an excellent writer and also encouraged my siblings and I to use proper grammar. He encouraged us to read fervently while growing up and still sends me books in the mail monthly. Having supportive, open minded parents definitely helped mold my current views of the world.

Q: Explain your favourite techniques.
A: A magician never reveals his tricks. Haha. However, I will let your readers know that I recently heard of a new way to do transfers. Instead of using wintergreen oil or other nauseatingly fragrant chemicals, try using cheap gin. This is a trick I have yet to try but was passed on to me by my friend Aaron Hequembourg. His work is amazing, check it here.

Q: What other artists do you admire?
A: I've always admired my mother for being so creative in every facet of life. She makes eating dinner a truly inspiring event. Some days I would come home from school and she would make up her own holiday. We had Reggae Day one time and she went and bought these wonderfully tacky shimmery palm trees and fixed some crazy reggae meal and we listened to Bob Marley and danced around the house. My sister is my second role model. She is a spark that ignites any project she puts her hands to and I respect her diligence above all else. She's currently working on her own line of jewelry as well as starting up an event décor business on the side. For the past year she has been the decorator for the largest hospital in the county as well as privately decorating the house of the hospital's CEO, who is an amazing woman too.

Q: Describe your favourite piece ever created.
A: This is hard because I recently created a few new pieces that I am really into. One of them is called Mystery at the Old Windmill. The story behind this piece is key. You can read it here.

Thanks Dolan!

See his work at two upcoming shows:
Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park, and the MAIN ST Fort Worth Arts Festival.

Cless x Issue Gallery - Notpaper

Cless x Issue Gallery

From March 26th to 29th

The issue will be at Chic Dessin art fair and will present new works by:

Axel Sanson
Rutger Termohlen
Henry Wagner
Olivier Cramm
Fred Malette.

Chic Dessin at the atelier Richelieu
60 rue Richelieu 75002 Paris

Galerie Issue
38 rue Quincampoix 75004 Paris

Easy listening by computer - Exploration
By Cless
32 x 43 cm
Digital collage with handmade modified on papyrus paper 230grs
limited edition only 10

The Record is Far from Complete - Notpaper

The Record is Far from Complete

If you are in Chicago, be sure to visit Lillianna Pereira's solo show this month, called "The Record is Far from Complete." What a great name! She has some great new work and I wish I could see this show... Best of luck Lillianna! See a sneak peek on her Flickr!

Solo Show @
Elephant Room, Inc.
Chicago, IL
March 26-May 1, 2010

Her website

Emily Haasch - Notpaper

Emily Haasch

Isn't Emily's work fantastic? Would you believe she's still in high school? I wish I was this good back then, or even now! She definitely has a style already and has a great handle on layout and themes. Her work has a great retro quality, probably because of her careful thought out material choices. I look forward to seeing her progress!

Name (Real or Screename): Emily Haasch
URL (Blog, Website):
Location (Where are you from?): I currently reside in Roscoe, Illinois, USA.

Q: Describe your work in 10 words or less.
A: A blasphemy of calculated scientific explosions and aesthetic arrest.

Q: What do you like to work with (magazines, photographs, vintage)? Be specific!
A: I mostly prefer paper, usually vintage, although I sometimes incorporate small found objects, film, or classroom art supplies. My sources tend to veer from the traditional books and magazines, as I prefer old tax forms, receipts, order forms, envelopes, foreign magazines, notebooks, children's textbooks, colored papers, photos, fabrics, or anything that has an image, texture, or numbers that strike me. I currently work physically, but later on I might start doing digital work.

Q: How long have you been creating collages and what made you start?
A: I've been creating them since freshman year of high school, although I have been only getting serious about my work within the past two years or so. I'm not sure exactly what started it all, but I believe it was a collage project that my teacher had assigned me in class during our Romare Bearden unit.

Q: Are you solely an artist, or do you work in another profession?
A: I am currently a senior in high school, and have not started selling my work yet, so no. Right now I'm focusing on finishing school and getting into college.

Q: Do you have any formal art training?
A: Not yet! I do plan to study design in college, though.

Q: Explain your favourite techniques.
A: I don't know if I have any in particular, it's just the movement or shapes and layering of textures that draws me to collage. I like to see myself as solving a problem using the visual components and composition, my goal being to express the same feeling or emotion I associate with an image or line to the person viewing the work.

Q: Describe your favourite piece ever created.
A: Probably one titled postcard no. 28. It is a postcard I sent to the Netherlands through Postcrossing. I was very sad to see it go, indeed.

Q: What other artists do you admire?
A: He doesn't know it, but my biggest inspiration is a guy from Buenos Aires named Marcelo. I also admire Tabitha Brown, Matthew Partridge, Joseph Cornell, JR, Becky and Frank, Curt Readel, Romare Bearden, and KC Green.

Thanks Emily!

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