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Atlas Findings

Check out this show opening tonight, in Toronto! It features new work from collage artist Jacob Whibley, who I had the pleasure of meeting in person recently. Best of luck with the show Jacob!

Atlas Findings
Work by Leon Benn, Tessar Lo, Peter Mettler, Paul Wackers, Jacob Whibley and Megan Whitmarsh
April 1 - May 2,2010

Opening Reception:
Thursday April 1st
Select artists will be in attendance.

via Narwhal Art Projects:

Narwhal Art Projects is pleased to present Atlas Findings, a group exhibition negotiating new possibilities in modern landscapes. Leon Benn, Jacob Whibley, Megan Whitmarsh, Paul Wackers, Tessar Lo and Peter Mettler offer peripheral views from distant lines, sharing explorations of modern landscapes through painting, collage, embroidery and film. Their constructed environments form six unique visions of the world surrounding us, communicating unique perspectives ranging from joyful optimism, futuristic imaginations, deep introspection, insightful observations and terrifying realities.

Exploring the theme of interstitial spaces, Jacob Whibley's collages show geometric and organic forms in a suspended moment of transition. Drawing inspiration from modernist design and unfulfilled histories, Whibley assembles each collage through a process of successive movements and emphasizes the contrast between found and intentionally crafted elements. These tactile moments allude to structural and topographic forms as they shift and reconfigure towards newer possibilities.

Jacob's Website

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  • Atlas Findings
    Work by Leon Benn, Tessar Lo, Peter Mettler, Paul Wackers, Jacob Whibley and Megan Whitmarsh
    April 1st - May 2nd, 2010
    Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto
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