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The End is Near! - Notpaper

The End is Near!

The End is Near! Opening Reception on March 26, 4:30 - 6:30pm
March 26 - April 30, 2012
Elizabeth Barrett Art Gallery at Utica College
Utica, NY

This is an international collage exhibit that is being held at Utica College. Steven Specht has curated this show, which features a group of 10 collage artists' response to a theme regarding the Dec. 2012 prophecy of the end of times. The show opens on Monday, March 26, 2012 and runs until April 30. There will be an opening reception on Monday, March 26, 2012 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm in the Elizabeth Barrett Art Gallery at Utica College. A panel discussion will take place featuring 5 artists from the exhibit.

Featured artists include:

Frank Viola (USA)
Pierre Jean Varet (France)
Jonathan Talbot (USA)
Steven Specht (USA)
Sparkleface (USA)
Deborah Snider (USA)
Sylvia Netcheva (Bulgaria)
Kevin Gilmore (USA)
Aprile Elcich (Canada)
Dale Copeland (Australia)

Above work by me, Aprile Elcich. Print available here.

▲° - Notpaper


Hi everyone, we're back. Today's interview is with someone who shall remain nameless, or rather has chosen the name ▲°. I chose this selection of collages for their lovely, muted colour scheme, and soft on the eyes appeal. And the ones that stand out so starkly--I found it interesting how the work varies in colour choice when collaborating with fellow collage artist Andrei Cojocaru. Makes sense!


Describe your work in 10 words or less.

Material and process lead explorations of subjective and objective experience.

What do you like to work with (magazines, photographs, vintage)? Be specific!

I guess I love it all really, there are so many ways materials can be introduced that the reason for enjoying it or not varies. I'm always on the hunt for different inks and printing methods to combine with papers I use for collage. Otherwise I'm digging in any paper formatted document for certain weights, colours, textures and generally imagery that might provoke ideas. Recently I have been working from a book called 'The Family, a social history of the 20th century'.

How long have you been creating collages and what made you start?

Collage began gradually for me in 2009 whilst doing a foundation degree; Realizing I had unlimited free access to a photocopier whilst I was studying must have helped considerably in constructing some sort of fascination to paper.

After filling a couple of sketchbooks with quick abstract photocopying experiments I was then introduced by my housemate to this one piece of material that solidified my curiosities with working with paper. It was a series of architectural planning documents for a house in France (found in a skip in Plymouth). It's ageing had so much to it, the paper had turned a subtle beige and the ink degraded to varying dark toned purples and reds, it was complete with hand rendered dotted and dashed markings over highly contrasted images of houses, the best thing about it though was its size; a little taller than A4 and about 13ft in length folded up like a concertina! Ever since it came into my work I have been on the hunt for unique pieces of paper.

Are you solely an artist, or do you work in another profession?

I'm a student studying a creative course and my aim is to make a profession out of my work in some way, hopefully with my fellow artists' from 'Limited press collective'.

Do you have any formal art training?

Other than university, no.

Explain your favourite techniques.

I like to work with materials I can develop before creating work out of them. I also enjoy getting pretty hands on, sometimes I use a really thick rubber based ink applied thinly over printed material that allows for text and image to subtly show through yet you get a really solid black too. I use scalpels and fixatives mainly but with what can be done digitally I'm eager to try new things on computers, they have ever evolving possibilities. Working out compositions is something I'm yet to be able to explain as a technique, sometimes what to do is right in front of you, other times its not even around. Either way when you know you're getting it right it's one of the most satisfying things you can do.

Describe your favourite piece ever created.

It really is the development in my work that I get most satisfaction from, but if we're talking about singular works then I would say my latest A2 pair which are on my Flickr (one contains half an image of a cat and the remaining half is silhouetted in a skyline).

What other artists do you admire?

WAFA collective, Robert Rauschenberg, Kurt Schwitter, Sol LeWitt, Franz Kline. Anyone who is the author if an image I have added to my favourites on Flickr and finally all the Limited press collective; Ryan Orme, Tom Mattison, Joel Wyllie, Dan Paton and Josh Rose.

Thanks ▲°!

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