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The Collage Workbook - Notpaper

The Collage Workbook

Review here.
BOLO Magazine 1 - Notpaper

BOLO Magazine 1

Marco Nicotra kindly sent me a copy of his new magazine, BOLO to feature here.

I knew it would be well designed, but I was quite impressed with the way he used the collages and drawings for the two colour book. BOLO 1 is black and white and vibrant blue, and I wonder what other colours he will be experimenting with in the future.

Contributors for this issue include: El Reino De La Sandía, Anthony Zinonos, woefoep, {ths}, Jesse Draxler, Andrei Cojocaru, Phaedra Longhurst, and so many more!

See a full list here.

Thanks Marco!

WAFA Zine 03 - Notpaper

WAFA Zine 03

Here's a little peek at the newest zine from WAFA collective, titled "Everything At Every Moment Is Awaiting Your Arrival". It just proves this group can do no wrong!

They (generously) sent me a copy in the mail recently, and it is so sobeautiful. This zine is on a whole other level--limited edition, printed on really nice paper, hand-sewn stiched binding, and an embossed cover--it's really an art piece in itself, great to add to your book/zine collection.

Pick up a copy here, and hurry because they are mostly gone! Also be sure to check out WAFA's sleek new site.

Masters: Collage - Notpaper

Masters: Collage

When I received the book Masters: Collage (Major works by leading artists), I was pleased to see many familiar faces as well as many artists I had not yet heard of. The works chosen for this book (by curator Randel Plowman) vary in style and technique, but I think most of them lean towards the soft, blended, and textural. I look forward to delving in more and reading the statements from each artists. Available from Lark Books. Scroll down for a little preview, all of the following artists have been featured here on Notpaper, and I have linked to their interviews!

Above by Brandi Strickland

Above by Mary Emma Hawthorne

Above by Nicole Natri

Above by Robert Mars

Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage - Notpaper

Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage

A very exciting release for so many collage artists is the book Cutting Edges, which was put together by James Gallagher. It is a spectacularly designed, wonderfully familiar collection of collages from today's most interesting artists, many of whom have been featured here. Thanks a bunch to James for putting it together, and for adding to the collage library! Scroll down for a peek at the book.

Above by David Wallace

Above by Eduardo Recife

Above by Dani Sanchis

Above by Max-o-Matic

Above by Vincent Pacheco

Above by Vlatka Horvat

Above by Emmanuel Polanco

The Elegant Cockroach - Notpaper

The Elegant Cockroach

"Love, Longing & Six Legs"
Written by Dierdre Anne Martin
Illustrated by Stefanie Augustine

The Elegant Cockroach is a charming storybook for whimsical grown-ups and sophisticated children.

Available from Uppercase Gallery.

- - - - - - - - -

Literature, fine wine and a Spanish guitar are elegant pastimes.
But in the big city, passing the time simply isn't enough.
The Elegant Cockroach longs for more...

The Elegant Cockroach from UPPERCASE gallery on Vimeo.

from Uppercase Journal:

Further inspired by black and white cinema, New York in the 1940s, newspapers and classic literature, the book design is simple yet dramatic. The typography is set to enhance the nuances of the text and subtly shape the reader's experience of the written word.
For a Brief Time Only - Notpaper

For a Brief Time Only

Lucky me, I just received in the mail WAFA's second zine, For A Brief Time Only (aptly named because their first zine, Maps, sold out so quickly!) The second one is all photography, and it's great to see this collective of artist approach work from all sides--and all kinds of media.

(Here's my lovely copy)

I also wanted to include some images from their last zine, Maps (because this is a collage blog and it seems fitting) which features pages of collage collaboration.

I am always looking forward to new work by WAFA, and I can't wait to see what zine #3 will be! They also have a newsletter now, for keeping in touch with new releases (hurry! they are all limited editions).

Notpaper is a blog dedicated to showcasing the work of international collage artists. We strive to meet the artists and understand the thoughts behind the process, so interviews with artists are a big part of what we do. If you are new to the site, please enjoy our archives featuring hundreds of collagists!   more 


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  • The Collage Workbook

    "How to get started and stay inspired"

    132 pages, Published by Lark Crafts (June 5, 2012), ISBN: 1454701994.

    Available from Lark Crafts.
    - - - - - - - - -

  • BOLO Magazine 1

    "Stars Are Indispensible"

    96 pages in 2 colors, black and blue, 17 x 21.5 cm, 45 contributors from all over the world. The main theme is: "Stars are indispensable". It contains a music cd with 19 tracks.

    Available from BOLO store.

    - - - - - - - - -

  • WAFA Zine 03

    "Everything At Every Moment Is Awaiting Your Arrival."

    Limited Edition of 50 copies. Full color, 3.75 x 5″. Embossed front cover. Hand-sewn Japanese stab stitch binding. Edition number of 50, hand-numbered on reverse.

    Available from WAFA Storefront.

    - - - - - - - - -

  • Masters: Collage

    Major Works by Leading Artists

    Curated by Randel Plowman

    This superb new collection offers a stunning look at contemporary collage work from approximately 40 leading artists.

    Available from Lark Books.

    - - - - - - - - -

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