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Raw. Fun. End. Now. by Max-o-matic - Notpaper

Raw. Fun. End. Now. by Max-o-matic

I first featured Max-o-matic in 2008, and I wanted to feature an update to his interview. he has since kept up with collage and has a much larger body of work now. I think they're excellent, and these are selections from a series called Raw. Fun. End. Now. which he exhibited in Lima, Perú in November 2011.

via Max-o-matic.

Peyote Poems by Brandon McLean - Notpaper

Peyote Poems by Brandon McLean

"A collection of instinctual paper experiments" by Brandon McLean called Peyote Poems.

via Brandon McLean

Michaela Cruz - Notpaper

Michaela Cruz

These collages by Michaela Cruz have a wonderful playfulness to them. They are so pretty but unafraid to be rough around the edges. Can't wait to see more from her!

Jeremy Gesualdo - Notpaper

Jeremy Gesualdo

When I came across the work of Jeremy Gesualdo, I was intrigued. He is a photographer and he constructs these collage-like images from old photos. I love seeing two disciplines collide, as photographers and collagists both have good spatial awareness.

Cut Stripes - Notpaper

Cut Stripes

Check out these collages on canvas by Ermanno Cavaliere, they all follow the same technique of cutting images into strips, and I think they're quite nice! See more of them on his flickr.

Nathalie Boutté - Notpaper

Nathalie Boutté

These pixel-like paper sculptures by Nathalie Boutté are so interesting!
See more of them on her website, here.

Paper Paintings by Brian Sensebe - Notpaper

Paper Paintings by Brian Sensebe

Brian wrote to me about his paintings, which aren't really collage if you are just looking at them, but he does use paper in them, so it's debatable. But it doesn't matter, because I think they're nice, I love showing things which constrast starkly with most of the work featured here. It's refreshing! Take a peek at Brian's work here. Read on for his process.

from Brian:

As far as my process goes its pretty much always an experiment that's influenced by the complexities of life. I like to build and take away in search of balance, and each painting takes me down this path which will hopefully provide the viewer with the same transcendent experience. Some experiences we go through can be very dark and powerful while others are light and easy, my work and process reflect this mysteriousness in a tangible format.

Mixed Media Works by Mac Scott - Notpaper

Mixed Media Works by Mac Scott

Check out these neat, hatched collages by Mac Scott, an English art student. I feel like there is a lot of emotion pouring out from them, which is no surprise because the theme of these pieces is around family, love, and relationships.

See more of his work at Cargo Collective and Flickr

Photocopy Experimentation by Tristram Mason - Notpaper

Photocopy Experimentation by Tristram Mason

I thought these experimental collages were neat, done by Tristram Mason, a second year illustration student at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design in London.

from Tristram about his work:

Aesthetically, my work is often the outcome from photocopy experimentation which I develop by screen printing on fabric or textured paper and/or sewing over with thread. I love playing within repetition and layering imagery to the point of distortion.

See more of his work on Flickr and his blog.

Elephant #5: The Art of Collage - Notpaper

Elephant #5: The Art of Collage

Elephant Magazine has been a proud supporter of collage from the start, their influences are quite clear! I heard about this recent issue being a "collage issue" entirely, but it's not, it's just the cover story and maybe a few other tidbits. But really, I expect to see collages when I open up any issue of this magazine. I suggest you pick it up!

Elephant #5: Including work by & interviews with: Lou Beach, Cless, Simon Cook, Liam Crockard, Valero Doval, Joseba Elorza, James Gallagher, Silja Goetz, Eva Lake, Sam Lubics, Clara Mata, Brion Nunda Rosch, Julian Pacaud, Masha Rumyantseva, Brett Ryder, Mario Wagner, and Jacob Whibley.

Horizon by John Sloan - Notpaper

Horizon by John Sloan

Just as I post the interview with John Sloan, he sneaks up behind me and posts a great new project to his website. From his website:

An autobiographical recollection of my past, present, and future illustrated through other's images and some of my own. In essence the process of creating this book is therapeutic in a sense of helping me remember long forgotten thoughts that have help me develop into what I am today and possibly will shape me in the future due to the new found knowledge of lost thoughts.

via John Sloan

Fragmented Cabin Study by Ethan Hayes-Chute - Notpaper

Fragmented Cabin Study by Ethan Hayes-Chute

Love this wood sculpture by Ethan Hayes-Chute, via the lovely Brown Paper Bag.

Book of Rocks by MINIATUREGARDEN - Notpaper


I love the artwork is this book (or zine?), I'm not sure of all the details, but the artwork is by Ariel Dill and Denise Schatz, and it was designed by Miya Osaki. Just wanted to share! I am quite fond of projects, especially book projects, but usually they are something I have to stumble upon. (if you make anything like this with a collage element to it, let me know!)

via Miniature Garden.

The Dolomite Collages by Matthew Walkerdine - Notpaper

The Dolomite Collages by Matthew Walkerdine

A series of collages and drawings based on the Dolomite mountain range that went on to become the UNFOCUSSED EYES installation.

via Matthew Walkerdine.

New Work: Jorge Chamorro - Notpaper

New Work: Jorge Chamorro

Check out these new collages by Jorge Chamorro (I interviewed him in 2009, read it here).

See more at his website.

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