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The Dumpster Project by Mac Premo - Notpaper

The Dumpster Project by Mac Premo

A little behind with this one, but check out this video by Mac Premo, called The Dumpster Project. Mac works with collage and assemblage, and has amassed a huge collection of interesting objects. With a studio downsize impending, he has taken the opportunity to turn his things into an art project, instead of just getting rid of them outright. For now, he is cataloging each item at

Call for Submissions: Friday on my Wall - Notpaper

Call for Submissions: Friday on my Wall

Call for Submissions

Friday on my wall
May 6 at the Anu School of Art, Canberra, Australia.

Mail art collage show to be held at the ANU school of art, organised by Patrick Larmour. This is an excellent opportunity to exhibit your latest and greatest work to a contemporary art audience in the capital city of Australia! The more the merrier! Let's show just how amazing collage can really be!

Deadline May 1st. No theme. No size restrictions. Work will not be for sale.

Work shall be kept by myself (John Hart) for use in future collage exhibitions. Otherwise, if you would like the work returned you will need to organise and pay for return postage.

Send work to:
John Hart
17 Allwood Street
Chifley ACT 2606

More information about the project can be found at the following:

Call for submissions: BOLO - Notpaper

Call for submissions: BOLO

Marco Nicotra is producing a zine called BOLO, which will be printed in 5000 copies and distributed worldwide. The first issue is dedicated to STARS.

Deadline: March 1st, 2011

For more information please email Marco at

Call for Submissions: Mékanik Copulaire - Notpaper

Call for Submissions: Mékanik Copulaire

Mékanik copulaire is searching for black and white collages.

Mékanik copulaire #2 - Collage Fanzine
Guidelines: Format 20cm x 24cm, Deadline May 2011

Please send your submission to

See some examples of the first issue below!

The Ninety9 Project - Notpaper

The Ninety9 Project

The Ninety9 Project is part of the on-going series: Diary Project conceived by Heather Allen (in which she makes a work for every day of the year). This year, she has invited other artists to participate and contribute limited edition work for a month. This month, the featured artist is April Gertler.

A work, in an edition of 2, by April Gertler will be posted at 5pm (Berlin time) for sale for 99 euros (excluding shipping) on the following dates: December 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, and 31. The first 2 people to email get the work.

Plants & Animals - Notpaper

Plants & Animals

Maybe it's because I am myself a cat lover, but these cat + houseplant collages make me smile so much. Stephen Eichhorn combines intricate plant papercutting a la Alexis Mackenzie and quirky cat portraits to make delightfully entertaining pieces--and did I mention it looks like he does them by the hundreds?

See all of them at his tumblr, Plants & Animals.

via Clever Nettle.

Assemblage on a Bedroom Wall - Notpaper

Assemblage on a Bedroom Wall

Who says collages have to be on paper? Who says they can't be paper pinned to a wall, photographed, then turned into a zine? Well, we all have our ideas, and I think this 3D display my Matt Whitwell is quite great, but even greater in this quirky booklet form!

via The Bottomless Paddling Pool.

Collage studies - Notpaper

Collage studies

It's also nice to see what people are doing months after the fact, here is some new work from Chad Kouri which has changed quite a bit! It still has a retro tinge but the focus has completely changed. Thanks for sharing, Chad.

via The Post Family on Flickr

Thought Orbs - Notpaper

Thought Orbs

This series by Nathaniel Whitcomb (which I found while browsing flickr) really caught my eye. I love seeing conceptual experiments done with collage, this one in particular is about peeking into the thoughts of the subject by displaying a small portion of their environment. Read on for Nathaniel's own details and a link to the rest of the series.

Thought Orbs is a collage study. By isolating the figure in an image and displaying one small portion of the environment we are able to glimpse into their thoughts. Even if it is merely a millisecond as they survey their surroundings.

via Nathaniel Whitcomb
A Series of Indecision - Notpaper

A Series of Indecision

I recently recieved an email from Richard Pearse about his series "A Series of Indecision," and honestly, I think it's fantastic. I particularly love all the yesses, maybes, and nos (of course).

via Richard Pearse.

Art Design 3(6)5 - Notpaper

Art Design 3(6)5

I have received so many lovely emails from readers and collagists lately, and let me tell you how wonderful that is! This is how I heard about the blog Art Design 3(6)5, which was created by a designer named Somsara Reilly to commemorate her 35th birthday and to document her year. There have been so many blog a day blogs popping up in the last few years, but each one of them has a uniqueness to them. I love just seeing the progress of a year's steady work! Somsara is over 100 days in, so make sure you steal a look at her blog before her year is over!

Hugo Werner: Posters - Notpaper

Hugo Werner: Posters

Take a look at these beautiful limited edition typographic collage posters by Hugo Werner! I had to post about them after he generously sent me some in the mail (the four in this post) all the way from Brazil! I think you can get your own at his website, or contact him directly for more information.

Thanks Hugo!

Experimental Typography - Notpaper

Experimental Typography

This is a very image heavy post, as I think it should be! I recently interviewed Hugo Werner about his collages, and along with his work I found the work of his students, part of an Experimental Typography class that works with collage and typography. I love love love the idea of this project, which involves collage, transfers, lettering, stamps, stencils, and calligraphy. "The main objective is to explore the materiality of the word-image," says Hugo.

What I find so fascinating about this experimental project is the way each student interprets the assignment differently, and of course, the excellent use of typographic elements. I think it's such a valuable collection of student collage work!

Students working on their projects (below).

Visit Hugo's Flickr for more images from 2007 and 2008.

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Sorry, artwork submissions are temporarily closed.

For any other non submission related inquiries, please email:



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