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The Collage Workbook - Notpaper

The Collage Workbook

Most of you are surely familiar with Randel Plowman, who has created a prolific body of work which was helped along by his "a collage a day" blog. He has now published a book with Lark Crafts, which is quite well put together and very inspirational.

I'm generally not a fan of craft books on collage, but Randel's book blurs the line between collage as art and collage as a craft--showing that they can definitely be one and the same (or at least work together, learn from each other). Using his own impressive body of work, he walks the reader through techniques, different mediums, and discovering imagery. This is enough to get us genuinely excited, but he goes on to inspire the reader further with 50 exercises.

Crafters I am sure will love this book, but I think it will easily benefit collage artists as well. I'm always open to trying new techniques, and it might help curb creative block on those days something just won't stick...

More information can be found here.

The Dumpster Project by Mac Premo - Notpaper

The Dumpster Project by Mac Premo

A little behind with this one, but check out this video by Mac Premo, called The Dumpster Project. Mac works with collage and assemblage, and has amassed a huge collection of interesting objects. With a studio downsize impending, he has taken the opportunity to turn his things into an art project, instead of just getting rid of them outright. For now, he is cataloging each item at

Damp Patches by April Gertler - Notpaper

Damp Patches by April Gertler

April Gertler recently emailed me about her kickstarter project for an artist's book, Damp Patches, that she is working on. Be sure to check out the video and also read on about the project. If NP had sponsors this is just the sort of thing we would support! Maybe one day...

In October 2010 I was invited to Paris for an artist residency at l'entreprise culturelle. Out of that residency came DAMP PATCHES - which is a new collection of work I developed into an artist book that mixes my collage work with photography and drawing. The title of the book comes from the loose translation of a deodorant ad from the French fashion magazine Votre Beaute (1973): Prisonnière des taches d'humidité sous les bras. - A prisoner of damp patches. Continue reading

Bridges by Nathaniel Whitcomb - Notpaper

Bridges by Nathaniel Whitcomb

It's true I don't often feature videos or motion on Notpaper, but that's because I don't come across things that often that I feel fit with the blog. Usually when I find a video I like, it's because I found their 2D collages first! As is in this case, with the motion collages of Nathaniel Whitcomb. Click below for some more details about this video... and enjoy!

From Nathaniel:

For the past several months I've been cutting up and digitally collaging together short films/music videos entirely out of old National Geographic magazines. For lack of a better term, I've been calling them "motion collages."

After scanning in my cut outs, I collage together scenes and then subtly inject them with life using AfterEffects. The results are slowly paced audio/visual stories that have been said to "make you feel like someone something slipped into your coffee."

About this video:

Created for the Holy Spirits debut ep "The Afternoon's Blood," this motion collage was hand cut out, scanned & digitally assembled entirely from a pile of 40 year old magazines. I've made videos for every song on the ep so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for the rest of the set.


Music: Holy Spirits
Art+Motion: Nathaniel Whitcomb aka Think or Smile

RIP: A Remix Manifesto - Notpaper

RIP: A Remix Manifesto

Anyone heard of this movie yet? I watched this excellent documentary yesterday on copyright law, and I think it applies here. It's Rip: A Remix Manifesto by Canadian filmmaker and web-activist Brett Gaylor about copyright vs. the current generation. Remixing music and media has become increasingly popular with the advent of the internet, but the copyright laws have not changed to accommodate this new obsession.

The film goes through the points in Lawrence Lessig's "remix manifesto," which focuses on the ways our current culture is derived from, and yet somehow controlled by the past. Copyright law is something I've always wanted to know more about (being a collage artist), and I think this film covers it pretty succinctly.

The film also talked about the cultural differences between the US and Brazil, which I was really interested to learn. The US tries to control and prevent people from "remixing" our past, and Brazil proudly accepts that our current culture is all about remixing. I want to make a point here that there are so many brilliant collage artists that are from Brazil, and it makes sense that the music and film domains would be the same.

The film is getting a pretty wide release, and so it should be coming somewhere near you soon (See the trailer above). Brett Gaylor also has a project called Open Source Cinema, where you can join in and actually remix the film yourself!

I would be interested in hearing what you (readers) have to say about issues with collage and copyright. I know it's something a lot of collagists are wary of.

Video: Shellie Fiocca - Notpaper

Video: Shellie Fiocca

Title: It's All Under Control
Media: Mixed Media, Quicktime Movie
Length: 3:36
Producer: Shellie Fiocca
Music: Bloc Party "Pioneers"

Because I just love these videos, here is one by Shellie Fiocca. Now it's not actually collage, but it does strike me as a technique that is definitely used in collages: painting over or covering up part of an image. So, similar to cutting a piece out of a magazine, Shellie instead paints out the background with an opaque white paint.

This particular video is her thesis work which is meant to reverse the role of "producer vs. purchaser," by changing the message and distracting the viewer receiving the messages. She uses magazines and mail order catalogues that she paints white and then draws a new message over the old with black ink. I think this project is great, and I wish I could see the finished magazines all together!

video: (my first!) - Notpaper

video: (my first!)

I made this tonight, as well as a big mess! It's for a project I'm working on (working title: CMYK) and it's the third in the series, Y. It's pretty long, and you may not watch it all, but it was so much fun to make!

P.S. Tomorrow's interview will be with Max-o-matic!

video: amanda hawkins - Notpaper

video: amanda hawkins

Check out this awesome time-lapse gluebook creation by Amanda Hawkins. I just got a new camera so I will be working on my own time-lapse video!

video: rex ray - Notpaper

video: rex ray

Here's a little treat: a video about Rex Ray's art, design, and most importantly collage! I have always loved his work, and this is a great video.

via dear ada

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  • Masters: Collage

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